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I just completed 7 mins of #MuseMeditation with 23 recoveries and 6 birds. @ChooseMuse

When I’m tired, like tonight, it is very hard to recognize when my mind is wandering. Very! 

Did have a good training session today with 3.75 mile run and legs day after the run. 

Busy day today and would of liked to work in a daylight Muse session but it just wasn’t in the cards I guess……lol. 


Expecting my copy on Thursday June 15 of “The Global Macro Edge”. Read some from the sample on iBooks and I hear a familiar voice inline with what I know of John Netto from YouTube, webinars and a phone call I am grateful for. 

Excited to learn…..


I just completed 15 mins of #MuseMeditation with 8 recoveries and 35 birds. @ChooseMuse

Feeling good with my progression. I can hold onto calm periods better than previously and obtaining more birds during daytime sessions. Night session still remain a bit tougher.

This session was a bit tougher here at my kids summer tutors house. During this session I could here my son reading and the tutor discussing different things with him. Posed a definite challenge. I was about 20ft away but the door was slightly ajar to where they were. It a thinner door anyway.

In light of these surroundings I’m that much more pleased with my performance.


I just completed 7 mins of #MuseMeditation with 17 recoveries and 7 birds. @ChooseMuse

Always hard to focus late at night. Brain seems tired then. But I am noticing improvements which is great. Trying out a few different head positions during meditation seems to help me. Nothing extreme just slightly tilting head back.

I just completed 15 mins of #MuseMeditation with 22 recoveries and 34 birds. @ChooseMuse

Good session. At gym about to train chest shoulder triceps. Kids are in the pool before swim team. I was able to sustain some calm period. Practice is what it takes. Looking forward to another Muse session after training.

I just completed 15 mins of #MuseMeditation with 38 recoveries and 12 birds. @ChooseMuse #LucrativeTraderFocus ……Night session are hard tired brain. I can perceive light at the end of the tunnel just keeping at it. It will come. I’m learning more about how important the breath really is with each session. Mind can wander so easily and it’s tricky to pull it back because wandering is so second nature for me.

Regarding this session

Thinking pulls at me. The quiet time affords me an opportunity to think about things as I am used to except I’m learning a new skill now, meditation, which is a process for me. Making progress. Some of it I feel is performance anxiety. When I hear the wind increase I can, at times, let it get to me and I can feel as if I’m having a hard time at this and it just feeds on itself. Around the 3/4 point in the session I focused on deeper breathing which in the past seemed to me to increase the wind but perhaps when I keep at it, focus on deeper breaths, eventually, it pays off as I did receive some more birds when employing this. Which equates to deeper calm.