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I just completed 15 mins of #MuseMeditation with 10 recoveries and 64 birds. @ChooseMuse

I just completed 15 mins of #MuseMeditation with 16 recoveries and 46 birds. @ChooseMuse

Definitely a large improvement with this night session! Contributing a great deal is training my body. Right now I’m hugely sore… back from neck to glutes forearms biceps slightly … chest shoulder triceps are destroyed. Being sore like this for me take the constant energy buzz out of my body. Let’s me be at peace somehow. I believe this night session is proof. Night Muse session have been notoriously bad for me but I have not been training like this either. This is the old new me. I’m back so to speak just way better informed much more mature now than I was when training 29 years ago.


I just completed 7 mins of #MuseMeditation with 17 recoveries and 7 birds. @ChooseMuse

Always hard to focus late at night. Brain seems tired then. But I am noticing improvements which is great. Trying out a few different head positions during meditation seems to help me. Nothing extreme just slightly tilting head back.