Muse session 7/30/2017

I just completed 15 mins of #MuseMeditation with 0 recoveries and 115 birds. @ChooseMuse

Sunday night. Great session, effortless. Not exactly sure why it was so easy. All I can think of is the following.
About 10-12 months ago I "discovered" my microbiome. From Dr Mercola and his interview with Dr Robynne Chutkan. Meaning I started learning all about it and changing my life to help grow my microbiome. Basically get in my best shape, ever. Needless to say this meant losing weight. Training this body of mine and later training my brain… enter Muse. Feed my gut bacteria is the key. This mean lots of raw fruits and vegetables, tons and not eating processed crap just pure awesomeness from Mother Nature. Rotating pasture farm animals and their products etc. Losing weight like this is easy. It just happens. But, you are hungry… for sure.
I wake up a quarter or half way through the night often due to hungry. This is completely stinky. Turns out I'm tired a lot. I do get up and eat at these times but not before lying there for 1.5-2 hours before hand.
Tonight and today I ate a lot. I need to put an end to this waking up in the middle of the night stuff. Last night I had a killer biceps, back and abs workout. I feel great and getting super sore!
The combination of being nice and full and feeling great from yesterday's training, perhaps enabled me to have a great Muse session.

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