I just completed 15 mins of #MuseMeditation with 37 recoveries and 30 birds. @ChooseMuse

Tired after this (see previous post) run today and a shorter nights sleep and therefore a bit harder to focus/meditate.

Not a horrible session. At my current level of development it seems easier to quiet my mind on the exhale.

I haven’t run in two days, last run was Sunday, so far the second run in a row is easier. This run today was a bit harder.


I just completed 7 mins of #MuseMeditation with 23 recoveries and 6 birds. @ChooseMuse

When I’m tired, like tonight, it is very hard to recognize when my mind is wandering. Very! 

Did have a good training session today with 3.75 mile run and legs day after the run. 

Busy day today and would of liked to work in a daylight Muse session but it just wasn’t in the cards I guess……lol. 


Expecting my copy on Thursday June 15 of “The Global Macro Edge”. Read some from the sample on iBooks and I hear a familiar voice inline with what I know of John Netto from YouTube, webinars and a phone call I am grateful for. 

Excited to learn…..


I just completed 15 mins of #MuseMeditation with 16 recoveries and 46 birds. @ChooseMuse

Definitely a large improvement with this night session! Contributing a great deal is training my body. Right now I’m hugely sore… back from neck to glutes forearms biceps slightly … chest shoulder triceps are destroyed. Being sore like this for me take the constant energy buzz out of my body. Let’s me be at peace somehow. I believe this night session is proof. Night Muse session have been notoriously bad for me but I have not been training like this either. This is the old new me. I’m back so to speak just way better informed much more mature now than I was when training 29 years ago.


I just completed 15 mins of #MuseMeditation with 8 recoveries and 35 birds. @ChooseMuse

Feeling good with my progression. I can hold onto calm periods better than previously and obtaining more birds during daytime sessions. Night session still remain a bit tougher.

This session was a bit tougher here at my kids summer tutors house. During this session I could here my son reading and the tutor discussing different things with him. Posed a definite challenge. I was about 20ft away but the door was slightly ajar to where they were. It a thinner door anyway.

In light of these surroundings I’m that much more pleased with my performance.


I just completed 7 mins of #MuseMeditation with 17 recoveries and 7 birds. @ChooseMuse


Always hard to focus late at night. Brain seems tired then. But I am noticing improvements which is great. Trying out a few different head positions during meditation seems to help me. Nothing extreme just slightly tilting head back.

I just completed 15 mins of #MuseMeditation with 22 recoveries and 34 birds. @ChooseMuse

Good session. At gym about to train chest shoulder triceps. Kids are in the pool before swim team. I was able to sustain some calm period. Practice is what it takes. Looking forward to another Muse session after training.